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Jutter Speijs offers a unique "Food Market"-retail concept for the Hospitality segment.

It offers guests more choice in good quality food, beverage and other relevant products. A smart self-pay interface allows maximum flexibility to enjoy good food...anytime, anywhere.

It allows hotels to offer a great guest experience, completely hassle & risk free with the benefit of a monthly net profit return.

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Guest Value

Guests can enjoy a wide variety of great quality products... Anytime, Anywhere


Hotel Value

With focus and expertise, Jutter Speijs does all the work, for optimal results...


Value Proposition

Hotels have the benefit of happy guests and a hassle & risk-free profit share...

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Patrick Dekker

Patrick Dekker

Co-founder Jutter Speijs

After graduating as a Master in Global Management from UAMS, Patrick has worked in Marketing and Sales positions with ICI, Henkel and AkzoNobel.

With extensive experience in bringing products to market and having had entrepreneurial aspirations from an early age, it felt destined to combine product development and marketing within an own start up.

Patrick Dekker
E: patrick@jutterspeijs.nl
T: +31 654984403


Laurens de Kleine

Laurens de Kleine

co-founder Jutter Speijs

Laurens has worked in Operations and Management consultancy with iBanx after studying Technical Business Studies in Groningen and obtained his Master's in Business Studies in Amsterdam.

Laurens is a true food enthusiast and had his own catering operation during his student years. For him, providing people with enjoyable moments with quality products, in combination with a sound business proposition, is the perfect recipe.

Laurens de Kleine
E: laurens@jutterspeijs.nl
T: +31 621540976


Jan-Kees Pennings

Jan-Kees Pennings

Jan-Kees, previously employed by the consulting division of PwC, has completed many international projects within the scope of Strategy and Operations.

With increasing interest Jan-Kees had started following the developments of Jutter Speijs and became more and more convinced of the concept due to many stays in hotels where he experienced a clear lack in service. Now, as member of the team, he is convinced that Jutter Speijs can make a positive impact on the world with innovative retail-concepts.

Jan-Kees Pennings
E: jan-kees@jutterspeijs.nl
T: +31 615441929


Office & Postal address:

Jutter Speijs B.V.
Keizersgracht 560
1017EM Amsterdam



Chambre of commerce registered address:

Prinsengracht 211-K
1015DT Amsterdam
The Netherlands
KVK # 63605066

Pancake Banana Pancakes Chocolate pancake Cranberry pancake Box of bites - 1 Box of bites - 2 Box of bites - 3
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